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Through our proprietary software, Prometheus, marketing and digital executives can access an audit or their advertising accounts to calculate exactly how much down to the dollar, is being wasted due to sub-par performance.

Outputs of tool

Annual Wasted Media Spend

Overall score of the account and each individual KPI

Wasted Media and Overall Score For Each Campaign

Wasted Media and Overall Score For Each Ad Set/Ad Group

Wasted Media Spend on a Creative/Keyword Level

Transparency to Help Maximise Your Ad Spend

Understanding your advertising performance, and assessing whether it's optimal or not is not always so simple. Despite a significant amount of data most departments don't have the tools to turn that information into insight.

Prometheus is a Next&Co proprietary tool designed in-house to minimise media waste for our clients. After perfecting this tool, and witnessing the value it affords to those who use it. We are proud to be able to share its insights at no cost.

We believe every organisation deserves access to accurate, transparent information about the efficacy of their advertising.

How it works


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We will contact you to determine all your conversion points of your digital media


Next&Co connect your advertising accounts with Prometheus, e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook


Prometheus will calculate your performance and wasted media spend


View your overall and campaign-specific performance against all inputs


Export the data into PDF or CSV to identify where improvements are needed.

The helpful team at Next&Co are here to help you identify if your ad spend is suffering from media waste.

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